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About us

Ladies and Gentlemen!

During many meetings at fairs and tastings you often ask us why we chose Austrian wines. Well, on the one hand, the presence of these wines on the Polish market at the time of establishment of our company was negligible. Secondly, in times of mass production of cheap industrial wines, the demand for real quality is growing. The production of top-class wines in Austria is guaranteed by the world's strictest law regulating the vinification and inspection system, the structure of small and medium-sized wine farms, as well as the new definition of the concept of quality among Austrian producers.

As the name of our company suggests, Austrian wines are the central topic to which we devote our attention. Since 2004, as a sole proprietorship, and since 2012 as a limited liability company, we have been selecting and distributing high quality wines from the country of Mozart, Kafka, Freud, Klimt... in Poland.

We buy most wines directly from producers, with whom we are usually connected not only by business but also by friendship. We import wines from world famous stars of the Austrian wine scene as well as from lesser known producers. 

For several years we have been directly importing wines from countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Germany. We promote Polish winemaking and in addition to the distribution of Srebrna Góra wines we systematically expand our assortment of domestic wine producers.

Thanks to our cooperation with large distributors, we have been able to extend our offer with many wine rarities from all over the world. 

As Austria has more to offer than just great wines, our assortment is enriched by many food products such as cooking oils, sweets, grape juices or the legendary Almdudler.

We are a representative of the biggest producer of grapevine seedlings in Austria - Rebschule Tschida. We offer for Polish wineries the highest quality seedlings as well as consulting, soil analysis, training trips etc.

Our offer is addressed to individual customers, gastronomy, specialist stores and institutional clients. We understand our role as a kind of professional intermediary between the producer and you - our customer. We guarantee a fair calculation, which in times of general accessibility to information is an obvious thing.

Journalists of Magazyn Wino appreciated our work and our fascination with Austrian wines awarding us the title IMPORTER OF THE YEAR 2009. 

We will be very grateful for comments and signals allowing us to improve and enhance the functionality of our website and store. 

We wish you much pleasure in discovering new tastes and browsing through our systematically modernized website.

Austrovin team


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